New Study Reveals: Shoulder Surgery Offers Hope for Older Patients Suffering from Chronic Pain

Santa Rosa Orthapaedic Surgeon Neema Pourtaheri M.D. discusses the results of a recent study on shoulder replacement surgery and offers insight into why older patients recover so well.

A new medical study by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit reveals good news for older shoulder replacement patients; post-operative recovery just might be even better than they imagined. Researchers analyzed data and shoulder […]

A Santa Rosa Orthopedics Legend: SRO Celebrates Cheryl Breckler’s 50 years of service and going strong

Cheryl Breckler doesn’t seem to think she’s done anything unusual, but these days, she is a rare find. For the past 50 years she has had the same job, as a medical assistant supporting doctors at Santa Rosa Orthopedics. On top of that, she’s so happy in her work she’s not sure if she wants to retire. “It’s like family here and I like what […]

Recovery from Total Joint Replacement Expedited When Patients Recuperate at Home

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Gary Stein shares insight about the latest study on optimal strategies for patient recovery following Total Joint Replacement.

A new study presented by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in March suggests that following joint replacement surgery – the best place for a patient to recover is at home. “We find with […]

Underdiagnosed Foot and Ankle Injuries May Lead to Long-term Disability

Dr. Mark Schakel of Santa Rosa Orthopaedics discusses the importance of treating foot and ankle injuries as highlighted by recent AOA study.

A clinical review just published by the American Osteopathic Association advises that misdiagnosed injuries of the foot and ankle can very well lead to arthritis, chronic pain and long term disability – all […]

New research finds that running may reduce inflammation in knee joints

We all know that running causes a bit of inflammation and soreness, and that’s just the price you pay for cardiovascular health. You know; no pain, no gain. Well, maybe not. New research from BYU exercise science professors finds that pro-inflammatory molecules actually go down in the knee joint after running.

In other words, […]

SRO opens new office in Petaluma

Orthopaedic surgeons Neema Pourtaheri M.D. and Dominic Mintalucci M.D. to provide a full range of services from Petaluma office in southern Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO) is excited to announce the opening of its new medical office in Petaluma, located at 167 Lynch Creek Way. The Petaluma office features three comfortable patient exam rooms, one full-service […]

Study reveals 45 minutes of weekly activity improves arthritis symptoms in older adults

Older adults who suffer from arthritis need to keep moving to be functionally independent. But in an examination of a goal that is daunting for most of this aging population, a new Northwestern Medicine study found that performing even a third of the recommended activity is beneficial.

“Patients who suffer from chronic pain may find it difficult to be motivated […]

SRO Welcomes Neema Pourtaheri, M.D.

Dr. Pourtaheri is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with subspecialty interest and fellowhip training in shoulder and elbow surgery. Dr. Pourtaheri completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, before earning a Medical Doctorate in New Orleans, Louisiana, at Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed his Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at St. Joseph Regional [...]
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Santa Rosa Orthopaedics offers New Year insights into managing painful joints during the cold winter months

Dr. Gary Stein of Santa Rosa Orthopaedics offers timely tips for arthritis pain management and highlights the latest studies long term care options.

Joint pain is a real concern for patients with arthritis. As the early months of the New Year approach with colder/wetter conditions prevailing, many find that symptoms become more difficult to manage. The key to […]

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO) Welcomes Shoulder and Elbow Specialist Neema Pourtaheri, M.D.

Board certified orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Pourtaheri contributes specialized expertise in shoulder and elbow surgery to the SRO team.

Dr. Neema Pourtaheri joins SRO’s team of board-certified and fellowship trained subspecialists who together combine extensive knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Dr. Pourtaheri has trained alongside some of the world’s finest orthopaedic surgeons and brings invaluable medical […]