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For medical appointments, please call (707) 546-1922. Press 1 for direct access to our scheduling department. Any of our schedulers will be able to assist you in scheduling an appointment with any of our providers. For surgical scheduling please press 4 and select the appropriate scheduler for your physician.

For your convenience, you may request to see a specific physician or you may choose to be referred to any of our outstanding physicians according to the specific specialty you require or simply by earliest availability.

If you have a matter that requires immediate attention you may, in most cases, be seen by the physician on call for the group that day.

Physician Assistant

Physician Physician Assistant (MA)
Dr. Athanassious Marco Jacobo, PA-C (707) 546-1922 x5434
Dr. Mazur Jennifer Henshaw-Lefever (707) 546-1922
Dr. Stein Marco Jacobo, Pa-C (707) 546-1922 x5434

Physician Medical Assistant

Physician Medical Assistant (MA)
Dr. Athanassious Angelina (707) 522-5472
Dr. Bennett Rosa (707) 522-5446
Dr. Degenhardt Pattee (707) 522-5437
Dr. Ehmer Mischelle (707) 522-5441
Dr. Mintalucci Ana  (707) 522-5471
Dr. Mazur Christina (707) 522-5447
Dr. McDermott Tammy (707) 522-5472
Dr. Pourtaheri Tiffany (707) 522-5439 x6304
Dr. Schakel Pam (707) 522-5438
Dr. Stein Shelby (707) 522-5433

For Surgical Scheduling Call

Dr. Degenhardt Marci (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Stein Marci (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Schakel Marci (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Athanassious Marci (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Mazur Jessica (707) 546-1922 x6467
Dr. McDermott Jessica (707) 546-1922 x6467
Dr. Mintalucci Jessica (707) 546-1922 x6467
Dr. Bennett Rosa (707) 546-1922 x5446
Dr. Ehmer Mischelle (707) 546-1922 x5441
 Dr. Pourtaheri Marci  (707) 546-1922 x5439

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Scheduler (707) 546-1922 Press Option #3


Lorelei DeBenedetti Practice Administrator (707) 546-1922 x5411
Susan Ellis Office Manager, HR (707) 546-1922 x5455


Billing Department (707) 546-1922 press 7

Workers’ Compensation

Dr. Mazur Carolyn 707-546-1922 x6499
Dr. Schakel Angela 707-546-1922 x5445
Dr. Mintalucci Janet 707-546-1922 x6469
Dr. McDermott Janet 707-546-1922 x6469
Dr. Stein Angela 707-546-1922 x5445
Dr. Athanassious Janet 707-546-1922 x6469
Dr. Ehmer Mischelle (707) 522-5441
Dr. Bennett Rosa (707) 522-5446
Dr. Degenhardt Angela 707-546-1922 x5445
 Dr. Pourtaheri  Angela  707-546-1922 x5445