Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Gary A. Stein, MD, has been a part of the evolution in surgical hip replacement techniques over the last decade. He has had the opportunity to train with three leading orthopedic surgeons who have been instrumental in the development of minimally invasive surgery (MIS), and he now shares his expert knowledge as a pioneer in minimally invasive hip surgery.

Board certified orthopedic surgeon Gary A. Stein, MD, has been performing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in Northern California since 2001. Total hip joint replacement is an orthopedic success story, bringing pain relief and restored mobility to approximately 250,000-300,000 people in the United States each year. Modern hip replacement procedures have -evolved dramatically over the last half-century to where today, patients with artificial hips can expect 92% good-to-excellent results, meaning that the surgery has relieved pain, and has allowed restoration of function and resumption of normal activities. Dr. Stein has affirmed his status as an expert and pioneer in MIS through the work he has done with leading developers in the specialty field of joint replacement, John Dearborn, MD, Richard Berger, MD, and Scott Hannum, MD.

Dr. Stein first learned the 2-incision approach to MIS hip replacement in Chicago under Dr. Berger’s direction. Dr. Richard Berger’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT helped him design specialized instruments, which allow the surgery to be done less invasively than previous approaches. Dr. Stein has had additional MIS training in the anterior approach to hip surgery with Dr. Scott Hannum in Wilmington, North Carolina. Dr. Hannum has worked extensively as a consultant with many different orthopedic companies and has helped design instruments and implants for MIS anterior approaches. Most recently, Dr. Stein has taken courses on hip replacement revision surgery and the MIS Anterior Supine Hip approach at the Zimmer training program. Dr. Stein has also studied the minimally invasive posterior approach to hip surgery with Dr. John Dearborn at Washington Hospital in Freemont, CA.

Dr. Stein explains, “Studying the latest minimally invasive hip replacement techniques with the surgeons that have helped develop them has had a major impact on the quality of care I bring to my patients. Direct collaboration with leading experts helps spread advances in the field of joint replacement, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to bring the latest hip replacement knowledge and surgical techniques to my patients in the Northern California region.”

He continues, “Advances in MIS approaches and pre- and postoperative physical therapy are improving an already very successful operation. The latest peri-operative pain control methods, including spinal anesthesia and continuous peripheral nerve blocks for regional anesthesia, add to patient comfort throughout the surgical process. These recent changes have dramatically improved results for patients, with more rapid recovery, diminished morbidity, and shortened length of stay. Having the latest techniques in our surgical repertoire has enabled us to better determine the best approach to take with each patient, depending on his or her age, body type, and severity of injury or arthritis.”

At Santa Rosa Orthopaedics, Dr. Stein is part of a collaborative team of nine multi-specialist orthopedic surgeons, and experienced physical and occupational therapists. A veteran surgeon in the practice, Dr. Stein also does partial knee resurfacing for patients with patella femoral arthritis. In its efforts to bring the best outcomes to patients, SRO has set the model for exceptional orthopedic care for over 60 years. SRO offers patients in-house diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, sports injury prevention, as well as advanced surgical treatments in joint replacement, sports medicine, trauma care, hand, foot, ankle, and general orthopedic surgery. For more information on Dr. Stein and the other SRO surgeons, visit