Patient Reviews

Dr. Mintalucci has a Fellowship in Hand surgery. He is an incredible surgeon and physician and up on all the latest advancements in hand surgery. I am so grateful for his skills and personal care. ~ George B.

Dr. Stein is a top notch surgeon, Excellent Results. Better than new!!!! Could not have been more satisfied. – William G.

Dr. Star is AWESOME! He is the best orthopedic surgeon and his bedside manner is truly funny, yet professional. I know this because he has been taking great care of me and my wife. We both adore and love this genius of a doctor. ~ Robin O.

I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon to fix my arm. I suffered a horrible break in my upper-left arm after an accident, and Dr. Bennett fixed it up perfectly. I can hardly even see the scar. (Vitals Review)

Thank you Dr. Mintalucci. After almost a year of numbness in my hand and frustration with other Drs. Dr. Mintalucci had a diagnosis and treatment plan within minutes. I’m so happy that after surgery numbness is gone and I’m able to use my hand again. I can’t thank you enough. ~ Rachel V.

I had seen many doctors over a two year period for chronic pain in my lower back. All the doctors I saw before Dr. Star seemed to only care about my insurance and about how I would affect their reputations. Dr. Star was the first one to really give me his full attention. He’s a really nice guy and excellent surgeon. I couldn’t recommend a doctor more.

I have seen Dr. Mazur for a wrist injury and a broken elbow. He did not do surgery on the elbow and I have 100% use and movement on the elbow. Dr. Mazur also reconstructed my husband’s thumb which was bone on bone. We cannot write enough in praise of Dr. Mazur. When you are with him, he is 100% for you. A person/Doctor you can trust! ~ Judy S.

Dr. McDermott was absolutely beneficial in my case; he knows his stuff as far as I’m concerned! Make your appointments early because he is a busy man. I read some other reviews that were not favorable for Dr. McDermott and I myself have nothing but PRAISE for the surgeon. ~ Henry L.

Excellent surgeon. Must have much patience as he is the only true arm/hand specialist in the area. For me, it has been a very complicated case. I appreciate his methodical approach, yet the time delays involved extended periods of pain. What that means is that he needs to be cloned. Bravo. Excellent surgeon and doctors utilize his services A-plus. (Vitals Review)

I was just there today. Good Doctors. 2 thumb’s (up) while I still have them!! ~ Ron R.

I want everyone to know how wonderful Dr. Schakel he is!! I was in there yesterday, after suffering for months with a sore foot and knee, and after 2 cortisone shots, I got up this morning without one pain!! He’s my HERO!!!! Thank you, doc, I think you’re wonderful!!! ~ Karen W.

Before Dr. Degenhardt replaced my hip I could hardly stand. Now I’m once again leading a very active lifestyle without pain. Dr. D was extremely caring throughout the surgical process. I’d recommend him to anyone. (Vitals Review)

Dr. Bennett saved my leg. All other doctors who have seen my X-rays say nothing but “WOW”! The nurses told me while in the Hospital that if I had any other doctor. My leg would have been taken off. Thanks again Dr. Bennett. (Vitals Review)

Dr. Degenhardt is incredible! He is really a smart physician and knows his business. He is an excellent surgeon and has great results with me and other friends I have referred. (Vitals Review)

I was struck by a car last April and Dr. Ehmer performed surgery to repair the damage on my right leg. My leg is now fully healed and it’s as good as new. A thousand thanks to Dr. Ehmer! (Vitals Review)

My knee injury was one year old. Other surgeon did not see the torn meniscus and passed it off as arthritis. Dr. McDermott saw the tear and it turned out I had tears in both lateral and medial meniscus. I am now where I should have been one year ago. I am surprised after three weeks from surgery how well I am doing. (Vitals Review)

I was very nervous about my foot surgery, but Dr. Schakel and his medical assistant were very reassuring. They are top notch! They are always available and worked with my schedule, as I had to travel 5 hours to the appointments. Everyone in the office is friendly, professional and courteous. I highly recommend the office for any of your procedures. He is highly skilled, reassured me and put me at ease. Dr. Schakel answered all of my many questions. ~ Tracy

I’m lucky to have had Dr. Ehmer for my orthopedic surgeon. It’s obvious that he really cares about his patients, and he has excellent surgical skills. (Vitals Review)

Dr. Stein worked miracles with my total joint hip replacement and it has lasted me for over 14 years with no problems. He is incredibly smart and explained things so I could understand all my options and what I was going to go through. I recommend him to everyone I know. ~ Robert T.