Dr. Michael J. McDermott, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist

Under the direction of sports medicine specialist Michael J. McDermott and colleagues, Santa Rosa Orthopaedics’ Sports Medicine Center offers integrated care for recreational, high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes. From injury prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, SRO’s team of surgeons and physical therapists specializes in the evaluation and management of injuries and illnesses that affect physically active people at all competitive levels. Dr. McDermott works closely with SRO physical and occupational therapists on a regular basis to ensure that his patients receive the latest evidence based care in the operating room and in SRO’s rehabilitation center.

Dr. McDermott describes the continuum of care that SRO’s Sports Medicine Center brings to its patients, “To offer real, comprehensive sports medicine care, the orthopedic specialist must be well versed in the nonoperative and operative management of sports injuries. An incomplete understanding of nonoperative treatment options can lead to unnecessary surgery. At our 10,000 square foot sports medicine center, equipped with spacious exam rooms and physical therapy floor space, orthopedists and physical therapists keep in close contact throughout patient treatment. Working at this center, I can walk patients directly over to their physical therapists for immediate consultation. The evidence based therapy that our physical therapists bring to patients makes SRO Sports Medicine Center the best option for patients seeking nonoperative as well as operative care.”

He continues, “Within this model, we’ve developed personalized treatment protocols that not only maximize the benefits of surgery, but in many cases can eliminate the need for surgery altogether. Patients that do not require surgery benefit from having the insights of an orthopedic sports medicine specialist, and likewise, patients that require surgery benefit from having their physical therapists in direct contact with their surgeon. At SRO, we know athletes, and we understand the importance of avoiding injury and making a full recovery when injury occurs. The convenient exchange of information between experts allows for detailed care that you simply cannot find elsewhere in the Northern California region.”

“I see many older patients whom have been active for their whole lives, and through normal wear and tear on their joints, they’ve developed advanced osteoarthritis,” Dr. McDermott explains. “We try many non-surgical modalities for arthritic pain, but when conservative treatments can’t offer a positive outcome, the next best option is total joint replacement.”

Total joint replacement today offers an incredible high success rate of 95%-100%. Dr. McDermott provides this minimally invasive procedure, which can offer restored function from the standpoint of mobility. Dr. McDermott has seen hundreds of his patients after total joint replacement go back to such activities as golf, cycling and tennis, while improving their overall health.

Dr. McDermott, board certified and sports medicine fellowship trained, received numerous academic awards during his orthopedic residency at the Naval Medicine Center in San Diego, CA. He then went on to complete his fellowship in Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in 2002, where he studied under Dr. Frank R. Noyes, MD, developer ofSportsmetrics™and internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon for the treatment and diagnosis of complex knee problems. Upon completing his fellowship, Dr. McDermott returned to the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, where he received many referrals of complex patients from military orthopedic surgeons throughout the western hemisphere.

Dr. McDermott’s relationship with Dr. Noyes enabled him to bring Sportsmetrics™ to SRO, the first program of its kind in Sonoma County. Sportsmetrics™ is the first ACL injury prevention scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries, especially in female athletes. The program makes use of video technology as well as evidence based sports medicine therapy to train athletes how to preposition the entire body safely when jumping and landing. Dr. McDermott arranged for SRO physical therapist Tom Sather, PhD, to obtain his certification in Sportsmetrics™ from Cincinnati Sports Medicine Center, and the program has been readily available to SRO patients ever since.

Dr. McDermott explains, “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such a complete education in San Diego and Cincinnati. Dr. Noyes is truly one of the world’s best sports medicine and knee orthopedic specialists, and it was an honor to learn under his direction. I worked tirelessly to soak in as much as I could from him, and we remain in professional contact today. After my fellowship, my experience at Naval Medical Center extended my training even further, as I had the opportunity to perform hundreds of complex knee and shoulder surgeries, while training residents in the same techniques. Years of experience in the operating room has enabled me to refine my handling of soft tissue and minimally invasive procedures.”

Dr. Mcdermott specializes in operative and nonoperative sports medicine, complex multi-ligament knee reconstruction, rotator cuff care, and total hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement surgery. In his efforts to keep up with the most recent sports medicine treatment procedures, Dr. McDermott was invited to attend a course in Cambridge, MA on the use of biotechnology in knee cartilage repair. Dr. McDermott currently volunteers in the community as a team physician for Maria Carillo High School and Sonoma State University, as well as a little league baseball coach. In the past, Dr. McDermott has served as the lead physician for the Santa Rosa Scorchers professional women’s football team, and as team physician for Cardinal Newman High School. He also offers his expertise to High School Athletes at SRO’s free, weekly High School Sports Injury Clinic.

At SRO, Dr. McDermott plays an integral role in a collaborative team of 9 multi-specialist orthopedic surgeons, and experienced physical and occupational therapists. In its efforts to bring the best outcomes to patients, SRO has set the model for exceptional orthopedic care for over 60 years. SRO offers patients in-house diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, sports injury prevention, as well as advanced surgical treatments in joint replacement, sports medicine, trauma care, hand, foot, and ankle surgery and general orthopedic surgery.

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