Dr. Star - Deutsher

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For Diane Deutsher, it started gradually. With pain in her back, she was sporadically exercising at the gym until she began to experience limited mobility and pain. Eventually, she had a hard time walking and nerve damage in her feet. She realized it wasn’t getting any better, and finally went to see Dr. Michael Star in his Sonoma office. At Diane’s request, Dr. Star at first tried a few palliative measures, but eventually she realized that that wasn’t going to work. Diane had lost the cushioning between her disks and they were rubbing together. She had surgery to fuse three lumbar disks. Due to her arthritis she subsequently needed hip and knee surgery, and entrusted Dr. Star with those procedures as well. All three surgeries were a “piece of cake.” After some rehabilitation with her knee, which took about six weeks, Diane is now back to exercising at the gym without pain and with no limitation of movement.

“Dr. Star was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I’m a nurse, and the one thing I can’t stand is when a doctor pushes a patient into doing something. He told me everything that was going on, and if I wasn’t ready for the surgery to let him know when I was. Any questions I had he answered and never pushed me into a procedure. All three surgeries were a piece of cake. Two days in the hospital and I was home. He’s the most gentle man, very kind, and sensitive. I would recommend him to anyone. I have full trust and tremendous respect for him as a doctor and a human being. It’s rare to see a doctor who has both qualities. He’s a very, very nice man. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”




Dr. Michael J. Star

Dr. Star is the co-director of The Total Spine Health Program at SRO alongside Dr. Christian Athanassious. Dr. Star practices state of the art techniques in total joint arthroplasty, spinal disorders and general orthopaedics.  Read more …