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At Santa Rosa Orthopaedics you may schedule an appointment without being referred by another doctor. However, if your insurance plan requires a referral from your primary care provider, you will need to obtain this referral before arriving for your appointment.

Our offices are open from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Patients can schedule appointments from 8:30- 5:00. Early notification of cancellations is appreciated so that your appointment may be filled with another patient and avoid delays. You may be charged for a missed appointment, untimely cancellation of an appointment, surgical cancellation fee for late cancellation and or failure to comply with surgical instruction/s.

Please bring all pertinent medical records with you from your primary care provider or other orthopaedic physician. These may include:

  • Insurance identification
  • X-rays and/or MRI scans
  • List of current Medications
  • Laboratory results
  • From Outside Physician
  • Operative reports
  • Arthroscopic photographs
  • Videos or pictures of prior operations
For medical appointments, please call the general number listed for the offices below.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics
1405 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 546-1922
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Mark West Springs Office
Santa Rosa Orthopaedics
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
34 Mark West Springs Road, Suite 300
Santa Rosa, Ca 95403
(707) 546-1922

Calling Santa Rosa Orthopaedics

Dial 546-1922 and select option 1 to reach our central scheduling department. Any of our schedulers may assist you in scheduling an appointment with any of our physicians.
For your convenience, you may request to see a specific physician or you may choose to be referred to any of our outstanding physicians according to the specific specialty you require or simply by earliest availability.
If you have a matter that requires immediate attention, you may be seen, in most cases, by the physician on call for the group that day.

Scheduling Appointments

If you wish to schedule an appointment with a specific physician, please select from the pull-down list below for general office hours:

For questions regarding medical referrals, procedures or prescriptions, please contact your Physicians’ Medical Assistant – do not call the Physician’s Medical Assistant for appointments, instead follow the appointment procedures above.

To request an appointment on-line go to our SRO Health Connect

Physician Medical Assistant – For more information about our SRO Health Connect online patient portal, read the SRO Connect Brochure (pdf)

Physician Medical Assistant (MA)
Dr. Athanassious Angelina (707) 522-4727
Dr. Bennett Rosa (707) 522-4727
Dr. Degenhardt Sarah (707) 522-5437
Dr. Ehmer Mischelle (707) 522-5411
Dr. Mintalucci Amy (707) 522-5471
Dr. Mazur Leighanna (707) 522-5447
Dr. McDermott Tammy (707) 522-5470
Dr. Schakel Pam (707) 522-5438
Dr. Star Laura (707) 522-5439
Dr. Stein Cheryl B. (707) 522-5433

For Surgical Scheduling Call

Dr. Degenhardt Mica (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Stein Mica (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Schakel Mica (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Athanassious Mica (707) 546-1922 x5444
Dr. Star Laura (707) 546-1922 x5439
Dr. Mazur Jessica (707) 546-1922 x5467
Dr. McDermott Jessica (707) 546-1922 x5467
Dr. Mintalucci Jessica (707) 546-1922 x5467
Dr. Bennett Rosa (707) 546-1922 x5446
Dr. Ehmer Mischelle (707) 546-1922 x5441


Lorelei DeBenedetti Practice Administrator (707) 546-1922 x5411
Susan Ellis Office Manager, Human Resources (707) 546-1922 x5451