Nadine Raymond, OTL/R Rehab Center

SRO is proud to welcome Nadine Raymond, OTL/R, hand therapist, to its Occupational Therapy Staff.

Nadine Raymond graduated University California Davis in 2007 with a Bachelors in Psychology and emphasis in Nutritional Science. As a Psychology Major her first passion was advocating for children and adults with special needs, but a desire to learn the importance of nutrition led her to a career as a Phlebotomist and Clinical Research Coordinator of the Biomedical Engineering department at UC Davis.

After two years studying atherosclerosis, Nadine decided to pursue a master’s degree at Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, while working full time to support her young son and commuting from Davis. Social work as well as long days and nights in the research lab and cadaver labs gave her a strong appreciation and understanding of the psychology, physiology and anatomy involved in orthopaedic rehabilitation. Nadine has a Physical Agent Modalities (PAM) license in the State of California and has worked as a per diem employee at Sonoma Valley Hand Therapy, Palm Drive Hand Therapy and Redwood Hand Therapy over the last 2 years.

She believes everything in life happens to prepare us for what’s to come and with struggles come growth and strength. The most important thing in life is the impressions we leave on people, the friends and family we keep and never being afraid to learn more.

Nadine is very active in her free time, participating in a multitude of recreational sports including soccer, swimming/water polo, running and cycling. She also enjoys painting, charcoal drawing, writing in rhyme, reading, and spending time with her son.  She is proud to say she almost never watches TV in order to keep up with her son and his similar hobbies.

Joining SRO’s team of rehabilitation specialists has been a dream come true for Nadine as a hand therapist. Our experienced clinical professionals are passionate about providing quality care for our patients. They work closely as a team with SRO surgeons to ensure continuity in treatment and a positive, supportive environment for rehabilitation.