10,000 Sq. Ft. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at SRO offers a model orthopedic rehab program to patients in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas. At the center’s 10,000-square-foot facility, 9 board certified orthopedic surgeons and 7 experienced physical and occupational therapists work as a team to produce exceptional patient outcomes. This synergistic approach between top specialists in their fields makes SRO Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Sonoma County’s premier orthopedic rehab facility. SRO now treats over 2,300 physical therapy patients annually, totaling about 30,000 visits per year.

The fact that SRO’s surgical team and rehabilitation services are part of the same medical organization sets SRO apart from orthopedic groups in Northern California. SRO occupational and physical therapists work closely with SRO surgeons to identify each patient’s specific needs and to tailor treatment accordingly. If a patient underwent surgery, for example, his or her surgeon communicates any information that may be relevant to the patient’s rehabilitation directly to the physical therapy staff. In turn, SRO’s physical therapists relay their professional opinions back to their patients’ surgeons throughout the rehabilitation process.

Chris Krug, MSPT, Director of Rehab Services at SRO, explains, “One of our major goals as physical therapists is to relieve patient anxiety about rehab through education. The road to recovery might sound daunting to patients when they show up for their first appointment, since rehab alone may take anywhere from a few weeks to three months. Many patients, however, notice significant reductions in pain and increases in their range-of-motion within the first week of their recovery. Patient comfort throughout recovery is as important to us as the end result–restoring the body’s full physical potential, and getting patients back to the activities that define their livelihoods.”

The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at SRO strives to provide comprehensive care not only for recovering patients, but also for athletes seeking education and therapy for injury prevention. SRO Physical TherapistTom Satherholds a PhD in Exercise Physiology, and he uses his expertise to educate college and high school athletes. He also provides students with a special program called Sportsmetrics, the first training program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries. SRO surgeons with Fellowships in Sports Medicine and physical therapists also offer a free weekly sports injury clinic for athletes involved in sanctioned sports for middle school, high school, and college athletes and if they opt to seek further treatment with SRO, they receive high priority scheduling for faster healing and to get them back to the sports activity they are involved with.

The Physical Therapist at SRO’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation are all veterans in their field and have all completed extensive postgraduate education in Orthopedics and Sports Prevention and Rehabilitation, and they stay current on the most recent research in evidence-based therapy. Additionally, SRO’s staff and patients benefit greatly from SRO’s occupational therapists. All SRO occupational therapists are Board Certified Hand Therapists, guaranteeing their expertise in treating everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to complex post- surgical cases. They are also experienced in fabricating specialized splints designed to protect muscles, tendons, and joints for individual patients.

It’s hard to overestimate the significance of physical therapy in preventing injuries and restoring quality of life. An effective post-surgical recovery program can improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and general endurance both early in recovery and for many years to come. SRO’s expert team helps each patient achieve these benefits without an excessive investment of time or uncomfortable physical strain. With the collaborative efforts between surgeons and therapists, SRO’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation delivers the best orthopedic rehabilitation in Sonoma County and the surrounding area, turning an otherwise frustrating process into a source of excitement and self-confidence.