Centers of Excellence

North Bay's most comprehensive orthopedic care.

Areas of Specialty

SRO’s Centers of Excellence are intensely focused areas of specialization inside the greater orthopaedic practice. Each center is under the direction of one or more of our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons ensuring the kind of oversight that underscores our reputation as the region’s leading orthopaedic practice.

SRO Hand Center - Hand, Wrist, Upper Extremity

We offer a wide range of hand, wrist and upper extremity treatment options, compassionate care and the technical expertise that can only be found at a practice with fellowship-trained hand and upper extremities specialists. Dr. Dominic Mintalucci is an expert in the field of both non-operative and operative care of upper extremity conditions. We specialize in creating treatment plans that meet the unique needs of our patients in the Santa Rosa, Sonoma County area.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Elbow & Shoulder Center

As one of the top shoulder and elbow specialists in the North Bay Dr. Neema Pourtaheri leads the Orthopaedic Shoulder and Elbow program, providing highly specialized care to those experiencing arm and shoulder pain. Our patients benefit from the expertise and skill of specialists who perform countless procedures each year while continually keeping abreast of advances in repair and replacement.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Center

Our sports medicine providers are united by a commitment to compassionate care and individualized treatment for athletes of all level – with an emphasis on individualized care to meet each patient’s unique requirements. Our goal is to get our patients back to their active lives and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. We offer a wide range of treatment options, from non-operative care and in-office procedures for minor conditions and fractures to the latest surgical procedures for more complex sports-related injuries and disorders.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Foot & Ankle Center

SRO’s foot and ankle surgeons will work with you to carefully evaluate the underlying causes of your pain/discomfort to determine the most accurate diagnosis and provide you with the best treatment options. Our Foot Specialists offer a wide range of orthopedic foot and ankle treatment options, from non-operative care and in-office procedures for minor conditions to the latest surgical procedures for more complex disorders and injuries.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Total Joint Replacement Center

Making the decision to undergo a joint replacement is no small consideration. Whether you have injured a joint or suffer from a chronic condition, we will do our best to help you get back to feeling like yourself without giving up the activities you enjoy. SRO’s Total Joint Replacement Center offers minimally invasive/rapid recovery, which are alternatives to large open procedures.

SRO's Trauma Team Surgeons

Nobody wants to think about having an accident, and when the worst happens SRO’s trauma team are the healthcare professionals you will want in your corner. The spectrum of cases treated ranges from patients with a single fracture to those suffering from multiple, life-threatening musculoskeletal injuries. State-of-the-art techniques are used in the treatment of associated injuries to nerves and blood vessels and incidents involving soft tissue loss.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Back and Spine Center

We offer a wide range of spine injury treatment options, compassionate care and the technical expertise including innovative diagnostic testing, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and targeted therapies at our full-service onsite physical therapy center, to improve mobility and quality of life. Our spine care surgeon is a recognized leader in the field of both non-operative and operative care of spinal conditions, and our providers specialize in tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs of our patients.