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North Bay's most comprehensive orthopedic care.

SRO Total Spine Health Center

SRO Patient-First Model

The SRO team model provides the combined expertise of an orthopaedic physician and physician assistant working alongside a veteran physical therapy staff to ensure the highest patient outcomes. SRO has set a high standard for comprehensive orthopaedic spine care in Sonoma County.

Dr. Christian Athanassious is a board certified spine surgeon with fellowship training in spine surgery from Stanford University. Dr. Athanassious is the Medical Director of The Total Spine Health Program.  Learn more …

The heart of SRO’s extraordinary continuum of care is the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center—a medically advanced, 10,000 square foot facility equipped with specialized technology designed to enhance patient recovery and rehabilitation.

Our experienced, highly skilled physical and occupational therapists have completed extensive post-graduate education in orthopaedics and sports rehabilitation, and stay current on the most effective methods of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

SRO’s physicians believe that your therapy experience is critical to your recovery from injury or surgery. Thus, our integrative approach focuses on comprehensive care, creating a synergy between your treating physician, therapists, and support staff. With all of our personnel and equipment in a single location, you are assured of ongoing, immediate, and direct access to your orthopaedic specialist. Also, our therapists seek counsel from your physician and provide timely reports on your progress.

Our onsite diagnostic imaging department aids our physicians in quickly and accurately diagnosing your injury or condition. Because radiologic exams are common during an orthopaedic visit, we have developed programs that are efficient, effective, and convenient.

SRO’s Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive diagnostic x-ray capabilities. We have also incorporated a state-of-the-art open Magnetic Resonance Extremity (MRI) Scanner, helping to eliminate the claustrophobic feeling some patients experience with traditional MRI. Each of our technologists is fully certified in his or her area of expertise. All of our MRI interpretations are performed by board certified radiologists specializing in musculoskeletal diagnoses.