Total Joint Replacement

Surgical joint replacement for hips, knees, shoulders.

Recover at Home with Same Day Surgery

Our Joint Replacement program offers minimally invasive rapid recovery surgery options, which are the latest alternatives to large open procedures.

total shoulder replacement

Making the decision to undergo a joint replacement is no small consideration. Whether you have an injury or suffer from a chronic condition, our focus is always to help get you back to the activities you enjoy. 

We Take Total Joint Replacement to the Next Level

When joint replacement becomes your best option, you can take comfort in knowing that our specialty-trained surgeons offer the latest, state-of-the-art surgical procedures which makes for better outcomes and, in some cases, faster recovery times for our patients. We offer:

  • Minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Anterior approach to hip replacement surgery
  • Total and partial knee replacement surgery
  • Total shoulder replacement surgery
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement surgery

SRO’s orthopaedic specialists have specific expertise in hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder replacement surgery. Our state-of-the-art outpatient physical therapy services help to ensure that once damaged joints are healthy again.

In its efforts to bring the best outcomes to patients, SRO also offers patients in-house diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, sports injury prevention, as well as advanced surgical treatments in joint replacement, sports medicine, trauma care, hand, foot, ankle, and general orthopedic surgery.

Our scheduling managers are available to help with your next appointment whether you call, text or use our convenient online form.

Our Best: Total Joint Replacement Specialists

Dr. Degenhardt Knee
Dr. Pourtaheri Shoulder
Dr. Gary Stein Knee & Hip
Dr. Nentwig Shoulder & Hip
Dr. McDermott Knee & Hip
Dr. Axelrad Hip

When is Total Joint Replacement Indicated?

Total joint replacement (TJR) is one of the most successful contemporary surgical procedures thanks to refined surgical techniques, improved implant characteristics, aggressive physical rehabilitation and a focus on pain management which have all contributed to the success of TJR.

Total joint replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is performed to repair severe injuries or to replace joints destroyed by arthritis and other bone diseases.

Weight-bearing joints are naturally under the greatest strain and are more likely to lose protective cartilage over time, particularly the hips and knees.

Shoulder joints can also develop painful conditions caused by arthritis that may require total joint replacement surgery. TJR is performed to replace the ends of both bones in a damaged joint to create new joint surfaces.

Additional Services

The heart of SRO’s extraordinary continuum of care is the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center—a medically advanced, 10,000 square foot facility equipped with specialized technology designed to enhance patient recovery and rehabilitation.

Our experienced, highly skilled physical and occupational therapists have completed extensive post-graduate education in orthopaedics and sports rehabilitation, and stay current on the most effective methods of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

SRO’s physicians believe that your therapy experience is critical to your recovery from injury or surgery. Thus, our integrative approach focuses on comprehensive care, creating a synergy between your treating physician, therapists, and support staff. With all of our personnel and equipment in a single location, you are assured of ongoing, immediate, and direct access to your orthopaedic specialist. Also, our therapists seek counsel from your physician and provide timely reports on your progress.

Our onsite diagnostic imaging department aids our physicians in quickly and accurately diagnosing your injury or condition. Because radiologic exams are common during an orthopaedic visit, we have developed programs that are efficient, effective, and convenient.

SRO’s Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive diagnostic x-ray capabilities. We have also incorporated a state-of-the-art open Magnetic Resonance Extremity (MRI) Scanner, helping to eliminate the claustrophobic feeling some patients experience with traditional MRI. Each of our technologists is fully certified in his or her area of expertise. All of our MRI interpretations are performed by board certified radiologists specializing in musculoskeletal diagnoses.

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics offers a revolutionary surgical option for some joint replacement patients using the robotic assisted device called RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System. This highly advanced procedure is essentially a minimally invasive technique that reduces damage to the bone and surrounding tissue for faster recovery. The MAKO®  system is currently available primarily for partial knee replacement and is offered by both Dr. Michael McDermott and SRO’s Dr. Nathan Ehmer at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital.

The MAKO robotic arm interactive system’s unique design makes it possible for a surgeon to “pre-plan” the procedure on the computer. This way, the robotic arm ensures precision in the resurfacing of the damaged portion of the joint followed by more accurate placement of artificial implants and correct tensioning of ligaments. The robotic system offers a number of benefits particularly for knee replacement surgery. One of the primary advantages is that we require a much smaller “mini-incision” and most patients experience a much a faster recovery as a result.