Physical Therapy Staff

Tracey Airth-Edblom, OT, CHT

Tracey Edblom, OT, CHT

Tracey Airth-Edblom has a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with a specialization in Hand Therapy. She was trained in Canada and has been an OT since 1988, and a Certified Hand Therapist since 1994. She came to California to help open the Mills Hospital Arthritis Center in 1991, then moved to Marin County in 1993 to help Kentfield grow their hand center. She began work at POST Wellness By design in 2008 to fulfill her dream of being in private practice.

Like her colleagues, Tracey is experienced in a wide range of hand, wrist, and elbow injury rehabilitation and post-operative care, always striving to provide evidenced-based care in keeping with current professional literature.

When not at work, Tracey is an avid hiker, paddle boarder, camper, songwriter, and plays banjo, piano and ukulele in 2 bands.