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Santa Rosa Orthopaedic patient education video presentations feature our highly acclaimed orthopaedic surgeons as they share insights about the various musculoskeletal systems and the many problems that can lead to pain. These videos are both comprehensive and informative as each doctor covers specific conditions and treatment outcomes. Topics include options for pain relief, surgical and nonsurgical measures to take, and ongoing management of a wide range of orthopaedic complaints.


We offer these videos online at our YouTube channel as well as here on our website in the Video Library. Each video can be watched in its entirety, and as they become available, shorter topic-specific videos are offered as well. To view a video in full simply select the full image icon (at any time while viewing the video) located in the lower right of each video presented below.

Dr. Christian Athanassious

In this webinar series Dr. Athanassious explains spine health and the many reasons for back pain. He also talks about when surgery may be indicated, and options that are available for treating back and neck pain. Q&A’s are also included, prompted by webinar attendees.

Neck & Back Pain Treatment Options

Dr. Athanassious Answers Questions

Back & Neck Surgeries

Pathologies Treated with Lumbar Fusion

Symptoms & Causes of Neck Pain

Lower Back Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Dr. Michael McDermott

In these video presentations Dr. Michael McDermott covers many topics having to do with knee pain including what causes pain, how to avoid it, when to see a doctor, knowing when knee surgery is a good idea, the various forms of knee surgery and recovery from knee surgery.

Hip & Knee Pain – What you need to know.

Dr. McDermott Answers Questions

Dr. Neema Pourtaheri

In these video presentations SRO shoulder expert, Dr. Neema Pourtaheri offers insights into all aspects of shoulder pain including causes and treatments.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain